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How To Order

 Sometimes ordering can be confusing.

  • Custom Jerseys- Please select the product you would like and fill out the order form at the bottom of the page or go to order forms and select what product you would like. Proceed to check out. If you have custom art that you would like to provide for the order please fill out the form after the payment has been processed. There is also a description section of what you want on the jerseys, please fill this out.
  • Pressed Shirts- Huddywear offers One-Color-Prints on color shirts and Full-Color prints on white shirts. When ordering One-Color-Prints, select the shirt color and then the print color of what you would like pressed onto the shirt. You can upload your logo or specify what you would like on your shirt on the form after the payment has been processed.
  • Huddywear Shop- These are unique shirts that have been designed by Huddywear. Just add to cart and the shirt shown in the image is what you will receive.

    What makes Huddywear different?

      • Huddywear offers design, set-up, print, and press at a very low cost.
      • Huddywear is operated by graphic artists who try their best to avoid additional fees for set up and art-time.
      • One Color Prints offer Trendy Shirts at a very low flat cost. (1 location no larger than 15"x15")
      • Full Color Prints on White Shirts are one flat price. (1 location no larger than 15"x15")
      • Huddywear works hard to add new products and designs for their customers.